Saturday, 18 September 2010

Answers to questions.

Alrighty my luvlies?
Lets get straight too it, my first question is from Andi via email- this one came in the second I posted, very prompt indeed.
are you mormon? i've alway wondered.  you have a quote by an apostle, but yet you talk about drinking and smoking - which mormons don't do, right?
No, I'm not.
I am Roman Catholic, Happy and proud to be so.
And without sounding merry, I secretly feel very honoured to have our Pope on English soil.
The quote in my header is a favourite of mine, is that weird?
A generous spirited reader sent it to me a few weeks after My sister's car crash, I don't think it matters that it is by an apostle, it is so relevant I couldn't help but love it- And whilst I do drink on occasion, like all teenagers, I have never (really) been intoxicated, and the smoking thing, happens on even rarer an occasion.

Sammi asked...
What is your plan when you finish sixth form? Do you want to go uni or find a job? What kind of job do you want at the outcome, either of sixth form or uni?
My plan first of all is to finish sixth form!- Though I am off to distribute my CV round ruislip today in hopes of a saturday job. I most definitely want to gain a place at university, however all the doom and gloom in the news these days suggests that is unlikely. I am interested in journalism, fashion and charity, indeed a friend of my sisters who reads this here blog, informed me she would hunt me down if I failed to attend a journalism course, who knows?
I hope to see writing in my future.

What is your favourite kind of music? Your favourite band?
I really am a bit of a drifter, I will listen to anything- since Reading festival I am in love with Kele of block party, Arcade fire. Florence and the machine, Katy perry, Leona Lewis, plan B, opera, Evanescence, I honestly listen to anything- favourite band?...N-dubz?

What is your favourite part about being English, and since you mentioned your heritage, do you have any other background?
I really love being english, I feel very proud to live in blighty.
I love the diversity of my country, I love the mix of cultures, I love london, the architecture, the history, the accents! and the traditions of the English, there is nothing like an Englishman, exept perhaps an irishman.
My heritage is fairly typical, My mothers family are all irish, mad as a hatter is my grandmother, she makes me laugh for hours, My mother is very irish looking (beautiful) the palest skin that burns at the mere suggestion of sunlight, her arms made up of hundreds of freckles, I used to try and count them when I would come into her bed on saturday mornings, My dad's mother is welsh, and I think he mentioned once or twice that her grandfather was italian? but I might be wrong, but I do tan very dark?

What is your favourite store to shop in? And what is your favourite outfit?
Oh goodness, perhaps it was once Topshop, but not so much these days, I love henry holland at debenhams (this will mean nothing to you out of towners)
My favourite dress ever has to be this one. A pelplum round the waist, a cutout at the back and a sweetheart neckline. (this is not a drill, I do not own a single pair of trousers)
*ahem* cought unawares, it has become a little snug recently, but I'm on that, I shall never love a dress more.

Wife of a salesman asked...
I like to read, excessively...If you were a charactor in a novel, which would you be? or If your life was a novel which one would it be? A dear friend of mine is truly an Anne Elliot but she hasn't quite snagged her Captain Wentworth, I think I may be a Ramona Quimby, from Beverly Cleary (even though I am a grown up now).
This was the best question ever, I had to think for hours!
Has anyone ever read the shopaholic books? The main character Becky, not only has me in fits, but whilst I am no shopaholic (not through want of trying) I feel a lot like her sometimes, I am the kind of person who everything happens to at once, always hurting myself (dropped the showerhead on my foot just two nights ago- biggest bruise you ever saw) just all sorts of ditzy things, that everyone agrees, could only happen to me. I also am the worlds biggest daydreamer, with an uncontrollably overactive imagination.
But if my life could be a novel, it would be either one of the fairytales so I could meet my price and live happily ever after- just skipping all the heartache. Or Harry potter ( I am listning to the audiotapes as I type) because I want life to be full of magic.

Valerie asked...
Of all the places in the world where would you want to live and why?
Ultimately I see myself settling in England, a little way out of town, In a tumbledown farmhouse, but that's not to say I don't want to travel first, I want to see America, it is so diverse and large that it intrigues me, Hawaii appeals to me, as does malibu beach, but I'd have to get super rich first- I love the ocean, the smell of the sea and whilst I hate the sand getting everywhere, I would love nothing more than to step out my door to the ocean.

Naomi Miles asked...
Who is your favourite singer/band and why?
I sort of answered this, but my favourite singer is...Oh goodness, I can't answer. don't make me.

Tamsin asked...
What makes you happy and your life worth living?
My sisters, Alex, My family.
I don't have a perfect life, I can make my own amusements, simple pleasures make me happy, a letter, an email from one of you lot :) My friends, just being able to do things that make me happy makes me happy.

Where are some places in the world you would like to visit?
Is the world an acceptable answer? America- because that's where Tamsin lives :) New zeland, china, and The seychelles- you remember my friend Nadine? she's from there and her tales of sea cows and beaches make me ache for the islands.

What do you want to do "when you grow up"?
Be happy, Have a family of my own, travel, and write.

How do you try to make the world a better place?
I'm sure I'm too selfish for this sort of question, I plan to do so by working with orphans in peru and Elephants at their orphanages in africa, but at the moment, I try to spread smiles and donate when possible.

If you could spend an entire day exactly as you pleased, what would you do?
I two hash browns, go up to London with my friends, raid selfridges and take them out for lunch whilst laughing merrily, before returning home to my Mutti and heading out for an evening with her to myself.

How did you get so lovely? :)
Hehe, I'm not sure I'm as lovely as you seem to think, but If I am it's because of you guys.

And last but not least, from Kathy via email,
how is your sister doing since her accident?
Thank you terribly for caring, since her crash, she is walking a lot better, straighter...

And Y'know, since spain she is...just fine, can't you tell :)

From my darling auntie Fiona may,
Who is your favourite movie character?
possibly is going to have to go to Draco Malfoy, gosh he's lovely, I love that whole tense brooding thing.

Who is your favourite aunty?!
I couldn't possibly answer! ;)

What do you want for Xmas?
Stuff! raid accessorize!
Oh- and if you happen to be reading this, and do so regularly, for me, please follow, It has been 79 for weeks now, and it is driving me quite mad, has been for quite some time, 80, or even 81 is much more attractive, don't you think?
If you have any questions about these you know where I am, or if you want to slip a cheeky one in let me know,
Until next time my sweethearts,


The Littlest Lamb said...

I quite like that you did this! Some of those questions popped up into my mind, from time to time, but I've been too nervous to ask :) so it was nice to see them answer <3

madsta said...

Lot's of people have said that:)
I'm glad it was helpful, I am just replying to some late questions now by email, so you are welcome to email any you might like,

Heather Lee said...

love this post. I was reading it while on hold with walmart...a horrible superstore chain. Anyway, the point of mentioning that is I got cut short so I'm not entirely finished...but I love what I'm learning so far!
Also, I NEED your duck necklace! Especially when I have my 3rd child, you know...all my little ducklings following me. Where did you get it?

madsta said...

Yay, thought it might've been weird to do, but it answers a lot of peoples wonderings! My necklace has caused a lot of interest! I bought it not long ago, but the website suddenly has no jewelry section! I would have been happy to of sent one over for you, but I don't think they have it any more:( but have emailled customer care in all a flurry, as quite a few have emailled you see :)
come back and read the rest! xxx

Heather Lee said...

haha! I'm so glad you've already contacted customer service and alerted them of the blunder of all blunders...get rid of the jewelry section? What were they thinking?
Also, love the Shopaholic books, I identified with her quite a lot too. More for the fact that I'm a shopaholic and could follow her psychosis.
I'm not so ditzy. I was in High School though. And not in the Paris Hilton trained sort of way, I really was just SO trusting that I believed everything...I guess they call it being gulible.
I call it trust=)
I love that you quote one of the Apostles, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I hope you get your fairytale! You are on a smart start with getting into 6th form and all=) I look forward to what you contribute to the world with your words! I would love to be a writer, I consider myself a writer...because I write.

Sammi said...

I just clicked follow, so now you should be at 80!

Thank you for answering my questions!

Regarding Sophie Kinsella, have you read Can You Keep a Secret? That book is awesomeness, and had me in hysterics.

madsta said...

Thankyou sammi- you comment so often I hadn't realised you werent a follower, thanks, I have read that book it was hysterical, loved it, I have in fact read all the books she has written under that name, have you read the undomestic goddess? just as funny! xxx

Fiona May said...

Really enjoy reading your blog! Not just cus you're my niece either!

Anyway, my questions are: Who is your favourite movie character?
Who is your favourite aunty?!
What do you want for Xmas?

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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