Sunday, 26 September 2010

And finally, some words.

I've had (am having) writers block, so bear with me.
It's cold out today, overcast with threatning looking rain clouds, my sort of day.
I can hear my family watching a film downstairs, but as is usual on a sunday, I'm either in a pile or paint or sharpenings for art.
Today it's sharpenings, my favourite.

I put my hair in my most buisness like bun ready to work.
I cried for a while today, I cried for Jack, I couldn't tell you why, for I don't know myself, I think it's just the unfairness of it all, I don't know.
*moving on- my eyes are running, its the wind.*
I have to draw a tape measure. It is most, boring, and repetetive, and looks sort of naked on it's double page spread. But whatevs.
I have had a nice weekend, the kind where you don't really feel like there's any rush with anything, lots of music, enough food. not enough time to think about food, no rush, everyone in a good mood, two christmas presents bough for moi (they start win V and end with W, and I can wear them)

There was a fly buzzing round my room last night, I considered just eating it just so it stopped buzzing.
I finally got around to taking pictures of (just) some of my GCSE art work, and I thought you would like to see, this is by no means all of it, just a choice few (the ones that would fit in my collage)
So now you can see a bit of how I draw.
Presenting; Artyfacts.

So there you have it.
This is why they (sometimes) give me the big marks.
Until next time my sweethearts- don't worry, I'm working on my word count, but for now am still subsedising for pictures.

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