Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Things are bad.
I am in bed, not at school, I am watching christmas films (because that's what I do when I'm ill) and nursing a head cold all alone.
I lost my allowance for being ill- dad and I play a game to see how many times I can loose it in a week.
I think I am delerious, I just called my mutti and asked if she would come home and suck out ma snot.
She declined.
I don't have any curtains so tis all bright, and I've my windows flung open so that the icy air can keep me alive from under my duvet.
I don't often mind the first cold of the wintereee season, except whilst I really like to think it is, it isnt yet winter, summer has not long since ended.
A lot of you I know, (from this post) think I'm crazy, and I probably am, but I do it every year.
For example, I have been scouting out the christmas departments of John Lewis and Laura Ashley for three months now, right through summer, and last week it all came in!
I'm also reading up with martha stewart. Oh yes, I am a housewife in a teenagers body.
I'm off to blow my nose- if you have any remedies, now is the time to share them if you want me to actually write something of note (or just anything) someday.
Until next time my sweethearts,


Karen said...

Awww - get well soon! Actually, I could do with being ill at the moment as the thought of staying under the duvet and watching Christmas movies is really appealing!

isabug said...

hi! i am following your blog today. i hope that you feel better soon.. everyone in my office is sneezing up a storm and i hope that i'm not next! feel free to stop by my blog.

looking forward to more posts!! :)

Lynne said...

lots of liquids to keep it thin! OOooh grosssss! Did I just say that??? Well - it's true anyway! My blog is private, but you're welcome to join if you'd like. I'd just need your e-mail to send you an invite...

Raelin said...

I tell you - a Neti Pot is a LIFE SAVER! I know.. I know.. disgusting. But I tell you.. it works. Don't try it over the sink - try it in the shower. That way you get the steam to loosen it up and then the Neti Pot will do it magic.

A local Pharm shop should have one. Just get the cheap one - I have this one - http://www.thenaturalstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=164302&catid=164254&trx=PLST-0-SEARCH&trxp1=164254&trxp2=164302&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-PLST-0-SEARCH&fromsrch=neti+pot

I promise.. a hot steamy shower.. and then use the Neit Pot.. I use mine when sick and once I lay down to sleep.. NO STUFFY NOSE!!! Also helps with sneezing from allergies!

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