Monday, 9 August 2010

That girl.

I love this girl.
Nearly three years my junior and soon to be 14, I am closest to Eve. It drives her crazy, because I always know what she is going to do before she does it- and so she get's away with diddily squat. I love that I know that about her. I have shared a room with Eve for years now, I hate to admit it but I miss her, She has headed down to my grandparents on the coast in bournemouth with Alex and my father- its nearly 11pm here and I can hear my mutti on the phone to her downstairs with a list of sunburn remedies.
I love that she let's me take pictures of her when she's asleep, because I do it all the time and she never say's anything, she'd probably be okay if she knew, too.
Most nights- after turning out the lights she creeps over to my bed, my tiny single and jamms herself in next to me, to talk.

Like the freaks we are we normally end up talking about either Christmas or the latest Harry potter film- often both, and whatever the conversation, or the day, it's what we have wound up on for year's now.
I'm not sure what that say's about me, but I love our chats, I often curse her for the lack of room left after she has wedged herself in in the sticky summer heat, but I don't mind, not really, and tonight I am lonely for my sisters council, but that's okay, because when Oli finally rolls in, I can talk to her.
When everyone's away it is delightfully quiet up here, indulgently so.

I found the most intruiging pringle ever...

Have drunk this by the litre...this sums up my life in general that isnt mine, sunburn lotion, a folorn retainer and Crystal B...recognise your card?...hehehe.

And tonight I reached new levels of disgusting, it was gross. I hoodwinked my health consious mutti into ordering me pizza (she doesn't touch the stuff) and because my TV was the only one working I sat in my bed, on my beautiful new sheets and ate a pizza. I am so ashamed, now my room stinks of pizza so I resorted to spraying my delicious smelling dry shampoo around. This ladies and gentlemen, is why I need Evil Eve, though her name is misleading, because really, she's not evil at all.
until next time my sweethearts,

P.S- Missing this grumpy lad,
He is grumpy because he got shampoo in his eye.


Heather Lee said...

LOVED this post. It reminded me of my many years of sharing a room with my, 2 years my elder, sister Holli. We would talk into the wee hours of the morning. I'd ask her about the mysteries of life, and she'd make us some brilliant (but usually totally made up) answer. She's still my best friend and I'm so glad my mom insisted on having a guest room open and available every day of the year...for that, Holli and I got to share a room until I was in 8th grade.
And loved the photo of the Lion and his cub. It almost made me cry as well. Sometimes I hate the circle of life because someone is always losing, but it is a beautiful thing.

madsta said...

thankyou- I love having a sister/sisters, its so special, because there's no one like your sister :)

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