Sunday, 22 August 2010

Taking trips.

My Mutti bravely took, Alex, Eve and I off to Legoland this past Friday.
She got us there safely- My Mutti is not one for navigation- but we got lost in the car park, I kid you not.
We were so hungry by the time we got there our stomach's felt like our throats had been cut, Alex, dear crazy Alex took Eve's arm and said
"it looks just like a hot dog"
And sunk his teeth in, I checked but there was no sign of fangs, it was so funny I gave him a pat on the head. and sent him on his way.

It was an overcast sort of day, meaning at least we could stroll about, not being able to manoeuvre the pavement for people is never fun.

My mutti, whilst suitable wild, isn't really a rides kinda gal, but we dragged her on a sort of wild teacup ride and...well afterwards, lets just say my mutti didn't go on anymore rides, oh no.
These people who surround me call me moo moo, sometimes bad moo but anyhoo, Evil Eve won me my own little moo, I named her Phoebe.
Trust me, it's higher if your on it.
Revenge for said incident I s'pose.
All made of teeny pieces of Lego, how fiddly.
Alex with squish the alien.

You may have noticed I am not really in a writing sort of mood, I'm just waiting to feel inspired, don't worried my lovelies, I'll be inspired before the week is out, I know the week is already out but, bite me I guess.
You are a bunch o' sweethearts y'know, So good to me.
Now I tried comment moderation but you know what? I hated it. So I think That everyone is entitled to their opinion- no matter how obnoxious, rude, unintelligent, vile, petty, vulgar, insulting, small minded, repetitive, ugly, insecure, jealous or stupid it may be.
So unless it gets out of hand, my petty little commenter's can stay right where they are, besides, I need something to keep me amused,
Until next time sweethearts,

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