Monday, 23 August 2010

St Antony, come find me, I am lost, so is my ticket.

Oh sweet Mary Mother of God, as my grandmother would say.
You see, Tomorrow marks the biggest day of my life thus far.
Tomorrow decides my future, If I get into sixth form it opens up the option of getting my A-levels, going to University, getting a degree, mapping out my future with a devilishly handsome medical student/something awesome guy.
Or I could fail, and get a job, bugger up my future before I have even lived long enough to have much of a past. And whatever happens it will be my fault, I will have done it all on my own.
But what is distracting me from that at this very moment, is that I have lost my ticket to Reading festival, the ticket that I waited to get online for three hours, the ticket that I was supposed to use alongside my sister, but who can't go, so to top off that, it turns out I have lost my ticket, the one my dad really kindly paid £200 for, yeah, that's how this is going.
I know, how careless, it was not something to fool around with, since I go Thursday.
I could drown in my own tears I am so distraught, I have turned my house upside down, and drawn a blank, and I searched thoroughly.
My dad told me he hoped I found it, but that it was a cruel, yet crucial lesson I must learn.
My mutti told me to pray to st Antony, to find it- I also asked for my jazz, cus that's been missing a while.
So if you happen upon this, I beg of you, send your best prayers to st Andrew, just for me.
until next time my sweethearts, where we shall know if i am buggered or not.
P.S- Dearest Anonymous, If you must know, I can spell Dickhead,
oh I'm just wild.


Tamsin said...

Here is how I predict the next few days for Maddy:

Tomorrow: you get your exam results and discover that you have passed with flying colours. The ensuing celebrations are heard and felt for miles around.

(Devilishly handsome medicine student/something awesome guy also gets his passing exam results.)

After a frantic, tearful search, your tickets eventually show up in the safe place you put them so "you wouldn't lose them". I

Thursday: Off to Reading you go! Don't forget the sunscreen and a water bottle!

Leah said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Was it purchased on a credit card? Even with cash, if you give them a call I am pretty sure they'll work something out with you ...

Sammi said...

Good luck with your results.

Good luck finding your ticket!

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