Tuesday, 3 August 2010


More of my flowers...because I've nothing else to photograph.
I thought I'd have a little chinwag on general shenannigans around these parts, and so me and Heather have somewhere else to comment chat :)
So it is obvious that I have revived the long forgotten painting of my wardrobe in a quest to stave off boredom, not entirely sure if there is any point to it, as I am in talks with my parents to get some snazzy new ones- where I don't have to share with eve- who has twice as many clothes and shoes would you believe it!?
but it has done the job and if I say so myself they are pretty.

My mutti is just as beautiful as ever- this is the wedding outfit she was rambling about in my recent post- "hot off the press"- did my accent surprise you? I always wonder about the accents/voices of the blog's I read.
I LOVE this dress, a considerable ammount, and if by a stroke of holiness I ever get thin, this pretty young thang is to make it's way to my wardrobe. 
And Cinderella did go to the ball,
She's a busy one is my mutti- juggling us munchkins, daily visits to the gym and being my best friend for the moment- but she probably was anyway, just a bit more censored.
So I have been considering recently that I really need to get healthy..or at least healthier, so amoungst other things I have been on a quest to drink more water...I've also been drinking fizzy water to get a fizzy fix...and does anyone know if;
 a) it has calories in it?
or b) it's not as good for you as regular water?
ta very much my lovelies,
It is not the agonisingly hot summer we had been expecting here (yet) and for that I am glad...reading through some old posts from late October and stumbled across this one from Halloween, If you see I am a little bit thinner there, and I definetly look better- might have another malteser to calm me down,
I joke, but anyway; In the pictures the air around us was crisp and cool, the day just beginning to darken...just how I love it, and wearing my wooly hats, I cannot wait to get one, and to wear this jacket that I think I should get?
Anyway that always makes me feel nostalgic and google things like christmas, and all that jazz, that whilst I know summer is not yet even over...I simply cannot wait!
I am rambling on...my bad; I need to get out more!
why is it that winter makes me want to be outside and summer in?
I must be topsy turvey, because I love the dark and the night...I'm not a vampire, though my mutti likes to joke about it.

Left to right...old phone, new phone, you can see a pattern, my mutti is a darling.
I had my first whirl with setting lotion today...that stuff smells foul! like I had dipped my head in vodka, nasty, and to be honest I think I like it, I only left it all in, with my rollers for about 20 minites, and I took this picture quite a while later...I think I like it. oh, and I am wearing zero make up, so I know I look quite pasty, but I know you won't mind.

Until next time my sweethearts,


Little Brown Girl said...

I have read your blog for quite some time since you posted on Cjanes blog.I am from Utah also. I was wondering what you meant by first whirl with setting lotion? what kinda product did you use in your hair cause i love it!

madsta said...

Thankyou!-maybe I use terms that are a little to eccentrically british...All I meant was it was my first time using setting lotion :) I used stayset...I believe you can get it in america and it was very cheap ~:)- email me if you'd like to know more :)xxx

Erin Sheehan Daly said...

No calories in fizzy water - as long as it's not flavored - not to worry. :)

Kate said...

I do the fizzy water thing too :-) feeds my longing for bubbles and keeps me feeling virtuous too.
Lovely wardrobe, lovely mutti, lovely phones & lovely Madsta ;-)

Heather Lee said...

hey! I'm so glad I got a mention on your blog! I was thinking, "heather" does she have a sister named Heather? hahaha
I was wondering what setting lotion is too, bc your hair looks AWESOME. Always use your British vocab, it's charming. You know how us American's are about accents...we love them. And everyone thinks the American accent is ugly=(
I looove the wardrobe. I would definitely put it in my house and not even want a new one. But I know how fun it is to get new stuff...not furniture bc all of my furniture is hand-me-down. But I buy new decor all the time=/
I think you look just right. Not to make you feel awkward but I told my husband about you and he says, "whoever gets you in the end is a lucky man." Not that you need/want to be thinking about that, but I thought it was sweet of him to say and he meant it.
Graham does have delicious cheeks. I know bc I eat them up everyday.
I'm glad you came around to his name=) You have good taste so I'm glad to have your approval.

Heather Lee said...

ohh and I'm with you on the needing to drink more water. I don't know why grape soda always sounds better?
The only time I "feel" like having water is when I'm thirsty, and they say by then it's too late, that you're already dehydrated. What do you do? Why would you drink if you weren't thirsty???

madsta said...

your sweet- as is steve, I know he must have been being sincere, and that is lovely of him to say- I hope he is right! i do love grahams name- honest! what I do is each morning I fill up a 1.5 litre bottle of water and make myself drink it throughout the day even if im not thirsty...because my skin isnt so good as i've started drinking less...then i know i have at least drunk 1.5 litres, but something fizzy always sounds better so I'm drinking more fizzy water :)
and I actually prefer having furnature that looks a little worn and beat up, but it isnt very practical :( have a nice day:)xxx

Heather Lee said...

you forgot to tell me what setting cream is? OR whatever you called it. Is it like a perm?
And here's the website I learned how to change my fonts. Looks like you already know how to change them, but they direct you to two places to get fonts. I can't remember which one mine is from or the name but they have lots of cute fonts.

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