Friday, 13 August 2010

Nobody's perfect.

Me very much included...
...I grate my nails against each other, nail on nail, constantly, I like the feeling and the noise.
...I pull one nail up against the other and pull it down quick, so it makes a snapping noise, it drives my friends crazy.
...When I watch a video online- I have to first line up the hand button with the exact middle of the play lines and then get the mouse to line exactly where the big pause sign will come up when you pause, it has to be right.
...I slide my left foot from side to side every night to get to sleep.
...I like to tear the top off my middle finger on my left hand until I can peel off the top layer and hold it too the light and see the patterns in my nails.
...Sometimes now in the car, if I'm feeling nervous I cross my fingers on my right hand and sit on it until the car stops- if its a long ride I will swap hands at exactly the same time.
...I can be just as rude as the next person, rarely nasty, but rude I can be.
...Sometimes I cry when people turn the light on suddenly.
...I like to scratch my top lip, and my cheeks and arms, just drag my nails gently along them, I find it calming.
 But that's okay, I'm working on being the best that I can be, not moulded by others, not to be what they
think I should be, to be the best that I can be and be happy with myself.
Some day's are easier than the next, but ultimately, nobody's perfect, we are all imperfect versions of ourselves.
 “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.
But we all have those beautiful qualities, that outsine our imperfections...
...I have been told I am creative.
...I can be kind.
...I have been told I am thoughtful, funny and beautiful- And I'm working on being all those things, with each day maybe I only do one good thing, whether it is telling my mutti how much I love her, or helping my sister, Maybe one day, I'll be happy and comfortable with my imperfections, as we all should be, because nobody's perfect.
I am me, and that is all I need to be.


Ann said...

You are so much wiser than your years.

Chanel Craves said...

You have such a lovely blog.

Heather Lee said...

it's interesting to watch yourself, grow into yourself. I always thought I had a resonably good self-esteem, but seeing how much more comfortable I am with myself now, makes me hope I can help my little's feel good growing into themselves all along the way.

And thanks for liking Holland's room=) your comment made me laugh, as always. The "I'm jealous of a two-year-old." I'm glad you think it all meshes bc really, all these items were bought for different purposes. Besides her headboard. Which turned out to be somewhat of a dissapointment. But we needed her to have a queen in case we had company! And I'm so glad to say, my mom comes next THURSDAY! Hooooray!
Holland would gladly let you use her room should you ever need a place to stay in Indiana=)

Heather Lee said...

reasonably??? spelling?

madsta said...

Its okay heather, as you may have noticed, I cannot spell; there are no judgements here, glad I gave you a laugh, and if you can raise babies as you can decorate a bedroom, they'll be just fine! glad your mum is coming down, I would be so sad to be away from my mutti! enjoy every second!- thankyou, careful what you say! I may take you up on it oneday!

Anonymous said...

well someone should lose a few pounds or more!!! you are a little fatty arent you?

Anonymous said...

oh madsta...
so fat and ugly!

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