Thursday, 19 August 2010

My shiny facade is cracking.

Oh you guyyysss....
My sweethearts, every one of  you- okay except one.
I am not really taking offence to my anonymous commenter any more, because they are starting to sound like a broken record, but they kept me amused whilst I was at physio with Oli yesterday, it was fun that they spent their afternoon watching the blog.
But anyhoo, how do you guys feel about comment moderation? the way to go?
It has been a most peculiar week, for you see on friday My father, Eve and Alex arrived home from Bournemouth (and I thought my tan lines were bad..!) and my father has a rare week off from the world of work, he has taken this time to take a saw and turn the arch in the middle of our living room into a square...more on that later.
Needless to say our house is in complete dissaray and my poodle has lost the plot.

She's a scruffy one is panda- older than I am, and blind and deaf, she thought I was the man measuring for the wardrobes a moment ago and preceded to bark the house down- now she is asleep across the way from me on Eve's bed- somewhere she isn't allowed to be.
I found solace in Alex's room earlier, with his red dragon that we are warring over, I think Gulliver is a dragon sort of name, but Alex likes Harry.
I've told him if he gets me my own Gulliver he can have Harry- fair no?
So whilst I was in Alex's room he threatened to release his bug on me if I didn't accept the dragon was called Harry...he was just muttering away as usual when It occurred to me to check out on this buggy tale...turns out he had captured a grasshopper the previous day and was holding it in a giant red lid cap...I told him how the grasshopper may have had a family, children, a wife, and it wasn't really fair to keep it...Alex, being a sweet natured, if slightly loopy boy, released the bug- named hoppy, into the wild.

Anyway I'm getting distracted, but the reason my cool demeanor is starting to melt is that this Tuesday coming is results day.
Yup, I get to go into school and get an envelope that will basically decide my future. I'm super excited, especially as I missed a fair bit of school, as whilst exams were happening all around me...I was busy with this...
Now whilst it's no excuse, it doesn't fill me with confidence, I'm not one of those annoying people who naturally gets straight A's and then spends three hours a day chewing your ear off about how they just know they've failed- I'm fairly bright, but with the day's merging and all I can see is results day...I am really. really. really. worried, because I truly don't know if I can go back next year.
If you've any going spare...I am open to your prayers.
But anyway my darlings, I'm off to watch Narnia, because that's just the kinda girl I am,
Until next time my sweethearts,


Christine said...

I think you should do whatever makes you comfortable. By doing so, you make just take the wind out of their sails!

Lynne said...

ditto to Christine -- comment moderation is good too.

Izzy said...

Comment moderation, or just not allowing people to comment anonymously, will stop whoever it is from getting their satisfaction and therefore leave you alone.

Good luck for your results! I'm sure you've done much better than you expect :)

Mymy said...

I'm in favor of not letting anyone comment annoymously, but yes, ditto to Christine :)

Good luck on your results though I'm sure it'll all work out just fine <3

Sammi said...

Loads of blogs I read has comment moderation. No problems.

So good luck with your results. I am sure you will be fine. Like seriously, even if you don't get A's and what not. I mean teacher's know you're a smart girl, and what's gone on, so don't worry too much. Despite the rubbish they fill you with, your results are not the be all and end all, y'know. There are ways...

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