Wednesday, 25 August 2010

And by the skin of my teeth.- footnote.

I passed!
I was not particularly amused when I opened my results paper, I scanned it too quickly and cought sight of all of my modules and saw four D's, and was not best pleased, what I failed to see was Three B's, and three C's and a pass in ICT- you can only pass or fail, and I felt so proud of myself for passing, the deadline for our work had been about a week after the crash, and I completely forgot about it, wasnt in lessons, but I passed anyway!
So my results arent as good as they could have/ should have been, but I got into my sixth form which means I can take my AS and A levels, so actually I'm okay with them.
I wasnt that okay though, My mutti took me home to ruislip, As I wasnt too happy she had told my friends to "take her away and for goodness sake just give her a drink! I don't care" my mutti is wise to my antics, but I wanted to go home first. We wandered the high street, I had prepared her for the worst and so actually she was quite pleased with me, saying that in the midst of everything I had done quite well, and it is true that once your in sixth form, no one gives a hoot what your results were.
So she was so pleased we went for  browse in my mutti's favourite place in the world- the jewellers.
I was not in a great mood, I am not sure why, because really I didnt do as badly as I thought.
But anyway, My mutti- knowing I have been after a certain vivienne westwood necklace for ever, started asking for bits to be looked at ect...asking me what I thought of them, Lovely, I said, but I still didnt deserve one, I did okay, not that okay.
But no, My mutti said, so...

I'm not really into silver, I'm more of a gold (okay in my dreams rose gold, but whatever) kinda gal, but I love it.
Vivienne, I salute you, Mutti, I love you.

My father  paid for me and my sweeties to go for dinner.
How awesome, our waiter was a bit of a moody so and so at times, so after paying and on our way out, we dropped a napkin on the table with a mystery phone number- none of ours mind, and the words call me, and scampered out, we're just wild sometimes.
Now onto my reading ticket.
!Disclamor!- I am NOT ever this spoiled, or in fact spoiled at all.
Well when I said the ticket was lost, well it really was. we deduced it must have been accidentally thrown away.
It  starts tomorrow.
My mutti said she Would not look at my face all weekend, and got onto some people she know's who know some people, and um...long story short, I've got another ticket, to be picked up en route to the festival.
Dont think I don't know how lucky I am, and FYI, I have most Definetly learnt my lesson.
Carelessness is a crime.
So that is how this is going down.
Until next time my sweethearts,

footnote- I just about bowled over, when whilst looking for my sock this morning, Hannah found my ticket.
oh god, I already have a new one, you dont need to know how much I looked and cried and prayed for that ticket, I hoped once I got a new one that I never found it, I could not return either ticket, it looks like a friend is buying it, thank god.
I could not feel worse, not ever.


Mymy said...

Congratulations on passing and your necklace is absolutely lovely :) I don't think I've seen anything in that design before but, nonetheless I love it!

All-in-all sounds like an awesomely lucky day


jodi said...

the necklace is beautiful. Congratulations! Enjoy the festival.

Coates Family said...

congrats and enjoy!!! try to remember not to be so hard on yourself. *hugs*

Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so pleased for you! I secretly knew that you would pass, but to see your post is terrific.

You've done a marvellous job, so be sure to pat yourself on the back for that.

Enjoy sixth form and your night out!

Izzy said...

Congratulations on your results! You should be really proud of yourself that you still managed to do well despite what you were going through. And it is true, once you've got your place at sixth form/college, no one is really ever bothered about what you got in your GCSEs so you can completely forget about them if you want to :)

Hope you have a fab time at Reading this weekend, and I hope that all the rain we've been having stops!

Sammi said...

You probably coulda sold the ticket on here LOL.

Congratulations on your results and getting into sixth form. What are you gonna study.

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