Saturday, 24 July 2010

Welcome Back!

Just hanging around and whotnot.
welcome back my lovelies!
To the same, yet ever so slightly improved Madsta Journals, I'm blogging from my new and ever so shiny and downright MASSIVE laptop, it is absoloutly mahoosive, just saying. I love it though, ever so much.
I've not been up to much since my strike, just eating really, y'kow cus I'm such a fatty?- too soon to joke about it? maybe.
I'm so excited to be back, how about you guys? Thought so,
I'm going to go ahead and whack out a few post's of the things you've missed, a project if you like (see Tamsin)
I shall call it 'The Backlog' and I s'pose I'll talk about things such as....Prom? oh the shame!
my visit to the beach...Oli's prom...and a few kinky surpises along the way...I just like that word.
Who noticed the improvements?
Does the banner size work better? This is the tutorial I use in case you were wondering,
I have such a massive screen- bigger than my TV in fact!- that I had to make it bigger.

I got a button!- though I can take no credit for it, the delightful Jennifer over at Quirky Pickings  offered to make me one, and she did, and I think its rather beautiful, so go ahead over to the sidebar and grab it, I added an about me page, that you can see at the top...and made the blog a little prettier, so enjoy!
Until next time my sweethearts- when you can hear of prom, because that's probably the prettiest,


Sammi said...

Oh I must bookmark this post and try to steal your banner maker tutorial thingermabobber....

Oh and steal your button.

Your blog looks awesome, awesome, by the way. What else...? Oh yeah! Awesome new laptop!

madsta said...

go ahead- thankyou! finally, though the initial agreement was that if i got good exam results I could have as new laptop, but mine didnt hold out long exam results are feeling the pressure!

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