Monday, 26 July 2010

Hot off the press.

We interupt our sceduled viewing for a video hot off the press, featuring a dishevelled Madsta, her mother dearest Mutti, and her Grandmother, suitably named Grandma.
I found out a muinite ago that I have a lisp, in reply to this my mutti said "Did you not know that?!- it was much worse when you were younger"
judging by this I must have sounded like somewhat of a joke, because I sound like I have eaten my tongue.
Not over it.
Cannot believe no one ever thought to tell me, at least then I could have checked myself into somesort of secure facility where no-one need ever have to listen and laugh.


Sammi said...

A lisp? Really? Not that much of one.

madsta said...

you should see the outtakes!- i don't know if i can ever talk again! a known drama queen. x

Tamsin said...

I finally watched this, and you are adorable!

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