Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Backlog; to the beach.

It began at an ungodly hour several saturdays back, we piled into the car in military fashion; You do not stop when your in the car with dad, so I left my drink behind.
A couple hours later and we pulled up at my grandparents palatial home just a few houses back from the cliff tops and the beach- we had breakfast there, my great aunt Dorothy and uncle Bob were there, and I haven't seen them for as many years as I can remember.
The four of us set off to the beach around ten, the weather was overcast and a little gloomy, typical of a trip to the english coast but underwhelming.

I have spent a lot of my earlier childhood on these cliff tops and down on that beach...my dad, grandparents and aunt used to share a beautiful flat right on the front of the clifftop that was just a crossing to the beach and you could see the sea and smell the salty air...our bath there was always filled with sand. We would go down for two weeks every summer without fail, and spend all day everyday on the beach. salt in our hair, sand in our toes and freckles on our faces. Those are my best memories. But when my grandparents moved back down from wales several years back now, it didnt make sense to keep it, a shame really, it would have been a great place for a weekend getaway with my friends once we can drive.
But anyway...can you tell I'm not good at editing down my pictures yet?
We were almost the only ones there to begin with- but at about 12pm that afternoon it walmed up, but wasnt really hot, just nice.
Oli was supposed to come with us, but didn't feel up to it. Thinking about it the wheelchair and sand wouldnt have been too good a mix- but she had packed the suncream.
I don't tend to burn- normally I go a deep brown colour with quite a few new freckles after a few hours on a beach- not that day apparently.
This is me three days into my girlie getaway last summer after our first trip to the beach..it kept getting darker until I didnt look quite like myself.
So for several years now I havnt given my legs an airing- but I was wearing a dress of decent-ish length and it was hot and there werent too many people there, so I whipped of my leggings, and played around on the beach...big mistake, My left leg was burned to the second degree and blistered before scabbing over...it must have been 5 weeks since we went now, and the scab only just came off and it left a big mark down the front of my leg. awesome.
Lesson learned? yuhu.
I am going on terribly arent I?
I am basically just putting all pictures up.
there is a big zig zag built into the cliff which is a killer to walk back up when your weighed down with sand and water.
It took us three times as long as usual- because we were lizard spotting, don't be freaked out...you only get them on the cliff front, and they are so - I spotted about a million, but they are out of sight in 5 seconds if your not careful.

So I know that was a few pictures, but people do tell me that's what they like, I know my darling Katie never reads my posts, she simply looks at the pretty pictures- if by a miracle she does- I'm thinking of you today darling, x
when we got back I was already cooking, and all these weeks later I have a massive tan line on my chest.
My grandmother is always pottering about her garden- eve wore white to show of her fresh from the beach tan.
Alex is always stealing my camera- always, I'm wearing my leavers jumper, because I was cold, because I got sunstroke.
the end.
Sorry for the overload.
Until next time my sweethearts,


Sammi said...

Beautiful pictures. I didn't know we got lizards down here in Dorset. It looks like I will have to make myself a trip across to Bournemouth sometime soon... maybe when I get that driving licence thing you were talking about just now. xx

Tamsin said...

Cute granny :)

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