Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Backlog; so what's up with Oli these days?

Well she's certainally not letting the wheelchair get her down.
it's coming up to three months since the crash.
And she's doing a heck of a lot of walking these days- not if we're going out somewhere like...out- she couldn't walk very far but she's getting around nicely- thanks for asking.
Her prom was a couple day's before mine, I wheeled her up the road at about lunchtime to get some shoes and she pulled out an old dress that since she's got so skinny- fit again, and that was that.

I liked em quite a lot- pity she's a size smaller.
If you didn't know- you wouldnt would you!? doesn't she look fab?
Notice your necklace Crystal b ?
I'm not kidding but she's not taken it off once- seriously, along with her cross it has not been off once since she got it, not to sleep, wash..nada. you made quite an impression- consider this her thank you.
she had a brilliant time at prom- her fantastic head of sixth form- hopefully to soon be mine too, came round for a cuppa tea not long after she came out of the hospital, very surreal.
She made sure to get Oli her ticket sorted, and that there was disabled access to the prom for Oli- they all cheered when she wheeled in.
Raving in the wheelchair...I don't recommend it...but she does.
End of the night.
sooo...she also got inked, my parents do not like tattoo's, but like the generation we are, we all do, but there was not much my mutti could say to a tribute to Jack...he's got about half the population of middlesex with a tribute to him by now...and she was well enough about two weeks back to get it's freshly done in these pictures but the colour is better now, and I think it's nice, my parents dont, and I can't bring myself to say what my mutti thought it looked like, but maybe you can guess, but to clarify it is a bullet with a J in it, they called Jack bullet because he was speedy and his head was shaped a bit like one. the charmers.

So now I've finished plastering photo's of Oli's hip all over the internet for anyone to see I can show you guy's some more fun stuff's.

don't the leg's look good, she has got a lovely pair of leg's does my Oli, we found out two day's back during an appointment with her consultant that she will need another operation sometime next year to remove the metal rod that run's the length of her femur, She has some other jazzy stuff in there holding it together but if left in the bone will grow around it, which could cause major problems if ever (please no.) she was in another accident.
So that's cheery, and we're a bit miffed, because we didn't know it wouldnt stay put, but wayagunnado?
so we're living by this mantra.

Until next time my sweethearts,


Sammi said...

Oh you have a beautiful Nie Nie necklace!

Oli looks really well, it is awesome that she got a tattoo, although I can think what your mother thought it looked like!!!

madsta said...

yes- when Cystal b heard she sent one for both of us :)

Heather Lee said...

getting ready for prom never goes quite as planned does it? Your make-up looks great! Now that I'm a mother, I've realized how un-down I am with the prom festivities!!!! I would be chasing you guys all over the place putting out cigs and throwing out the V-juice!=) Let's all hope your livers recover. Just saying=) And my mom's name is Nadine, and some ppl call her deeny. Cute. But all in all I thought you looked fabulous. So hollywood glamour. My favorite styling.

Heather Lee said...

plus. So glad to hear your sister is feeling better. I'd have to agree with your mom on the ink. It did have a strong resemblence to...
But what can you do? It probably would have worked out better if he had a favorite number or something, no?

madsta said...

Thanks heather- glad I came forward! I am normally very well behaved, this is a twice or so yearly occurance, my liver ought to be fine!- my sister likes it and its very personal to her...and as Jack's brother crudely said...he did have one!
but I do know what you mean x

Heather Lee said...

hahaha! I'm glad you told it like it was, nothing wrong with honesty.
I hope your sister continues to recover gracefully. My dad was killed in a car accident, I definitely know what Jack's family is going through, or something similar. My thoughts are with them as well. I'm so glad your sister is alive and walking. It makes you realize how fragile life is.

Heather Lee said...

and yes, I do have a little exotic thrown in my mix.
My dad had blonde hair blue eyes, family from England, Wales...etc. My mom is like me, she has Spanish, Indian, Mexican etc. in her.
So I'm a bit of a mutt.

Heather Lee said...

Indian as in Native American.

madsta said...

That is so sad..I spose you can understand better than any of us then.
You are certainly exotic then!- you've a beautiful tone to your skin, very healthy looking!- thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

Where did you get that Beautiful Necklace!

madsta said...

crystal b sent us both one...we love them :)

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