Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Backlog; Prom Baby!

so, Prom, the big to-do, it went down  on July was an...eventful night; definitely that.
It started in true dramatic fashion, see I'm the make up guru round these parts, and I'm sure awesome at doing Hannah's make-up, so after getting our hair done, and with my make up secured she came over prior to the rest of the group for me to paint her face. wanted to see my makeup? okay, if you insist.
Those aren't my eyelashes...not by a mile.
Excuse the lack of a can't see ANYTHING.
so, this all sounds very civilised, not after see with our make up done, and Katie safely arrived..and on time!- truly miraculous, we got to putting on dresses...Hannah's zipped at the back so Katie got it....the zip broke, completely came off!!!!!! with less than an hour before prom!- we were literally screaming- we got her out of the dress and were forced to call the old's up to my chaotic room- by this time Trish had arrived, she and Katie taped me into my had a slightly lower back so they taped all my undergarments in Mutti ran next door and got my neighbour, a bit of a sewer, better than any of us, she told us her little girl had heard us screaming from across the way; and my house is detached, we were panicked was all...Hannah was fantastically calm but not us!- of all the luck in the world, goodness gracious now where was I?

Our car arrived and before we knew it we had nadine but no hannah- I was forced to drink her buck's fizz (with a little sumthin' sumthin') in one to steady my nerves.
Finally she came down- but we had only time to get a couple of quick pics, as we were sooo late!- hannah's dress wouldnt close at the back, but thankfully was disguised by some clever draping of organza..first drama down.

How ridiculously gorgous!?
Our Deeny always has to be different...nice legs.
Our prom was held at a hotel...with quite a lot of security on the door...yep, thing was, to scare us all the school had said we would be breathalysed on the door and whilst we had abstained from copious drinks thus far...lets just say on approach Trish had to hide her...forbiddens in a particularly compromising place...just sayin.
There was a whole lot of excitement in our ballroom...I must have stepped on Katie's train 30 times that night- we remain friends.

We were all on the dance floor- sans shoes before very long at all, thing is though, that was a relatively small dance floor for a lot of people, in a windowless was HOT! did bring around a nice jolly of comradary as there was a line of girls snaking round the toilets wiping each others backs...gross? maybe, but that's the reality of these Glamorous do'
just sayin'.
Thing I want to write this...? it's my blog I s'pose. was REALLY we went outside, and just past the doors, for some "fresh air" except our senior heads of year's were keeping a very mindful watch on us...from all of two feet we really discreetly lit up!
-pause for intake of breath and shame- wonder if my Mutti will read this?
It was just the sort of event where one would socially have a smoke- 'cept we got caught course we did, a whole big bunch of girlies, one teacher walked by and said "oi oi!- having a cheeky fag are we girls?" before walking on...another told us to put out or get out...we put out.
After that they confiscated cigarettes...but we were made it the more fun to do it outside after prom was finished whilst we waited for rides knowing they could do zilch about it.
we are wild us catholic schoolgirls- and boys.

So...we went back to Deeny's house after prom...about half 11pm, and got changed...and had a drink- or twenty (five) and got to after party in a very brave member of our yeargroup's garden, with (Loose) parental supervision might I add. where we found stuff and the rest ouf our 200 odd year.

Can't believe I'm putting these up...but they're my night...and it was much more successful than Trishies, she won't mind me telling you all in return for my care.
See she is a tiny thing Trish is...and she drank quite a lot really...bout 2am I sort of noticed she was unconscious...long story short three of us and a big strong bloke...he's been in my school 5 years with me but I can't for the life of me remember his name- carried her up the garden...checked her pulse and promptly called her mother...who I love and who was lovely to me...thanking me for looking after her and staying with her and sending the drunkards (except myself) away.
After that I had a drunken fight with Katie who was angry with Trish for getting the party sort of..shut down, which really attracted quite a lot of attention really...we made up and a boy came up to us and said "your friends paralytic" he said
"we know- she's gone home"
"no, your other one".
(insert swear word of your choice here)
we found Nadine on the floor laughing raucously at the other end of the garden...time to go home.
Nadine was HILARIOUS when we rocked up her house at 4am that could not imagine a funnier sight...her sister looked on bemused before she got sick several times dived across the floor and begged us not to leave...we decided to...we arrived home at 5:30 that was light out so we went into the garden, Hannah, Katie and I, to reflect on the night, before going into my lounge at about find Oli's friend Tom on the had been a heavy night on all end's perhaps.
"Tom!- don't you have a home to go to? your taking up the sofa?" I cried before we all went to sleep at various points on the floor.
And that was the night I lost respect for Vodka.
What must you think of me?- don't answer that, this was an honest account of an English prom, and sometimes I have to kick out, and sink down to be an 'Average teenager' whatever that is.
This is a rare occurance, so bite me.
I joke, until next time my sweethearts, where I promise there will be no such tales of tyrany and filth, but let it never be said I don't tell it like it is.


Lynne said...

You looked great Madsta! Still reading your blog from time to time since Courtney (Cjane) posted a link...

madsta said...

Thankyou lynne- go right ahead, I'm normally much better behaved :)

Tamsin said...

Love the lashes! Want to be my make up guru? :)

Sammi said...

Sounds bloody awesome!!

Glad you had a Prom to remember!

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