Thursday, 24 June 2010


Did you know that I can't upload pictures any more?
Because apparently I have totalled my laptop by...uploading anything under the sun; I'm really very sad. 
It doesn't matter how many pictures I delete, it's not working.
I like to think My loving parents are going to purchase me a new one, like tomorrow, but I'm not so sure.
To be fair though my laptop was purchased for like...£30, and is older than HRH herself; well you know, its notched up a few years.
Woe is me; my life is spiralling into an abyss.
No it's not, actually it's on the up, sort of.
The days have been baking lately; I have sat outside too long and my melting body has had to be scooped into a bag and put in the freezer to re-form.
We have been entertaining ourselves by jumping on our new 16footer of a trampoline, to replace our haggard 8footer, because there's nothing like a whole lot of bouncing to cool you down.
I am happy this week; life is still complicated but better, much nicer, Oli is happier.
She gave her statement today, so much has come back to her which is fantastic; the driver of the car has been arrested, the details and how things will proceed our yet to come to light, they're all suffering.
 However we're also having a laugh, I see so much more of Oli now, she was always out before so I like to think we're a bit closer now, which is awesome because we are the closest in age of us three sisters.
In Bournemouth the other week, two weeks actually; I got burned, however my right leg was possibly burned to the second degree so it is ugly! it looks like reptile skin? nasty.
I've been consoling myself by finally getting a prom dress (its a week today..oops!) because apparently my thighs didn't like the dress I originally wanted, but I'm totally over it, still to go; shoes and some kind of miracle suit/multitasking backless bra, awesome.
Wanting; A new laptop and The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory
Just so you know I'm still alive, I'm off to have a moan about the state of my laptop,
until next time my ever enduring sweethearts,

footnote; Without even reading this post, my Mutti has just returned from Waitrose with a copy of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, needless to say I gave her a pat on the head and said "good Mutti", I'm really very thrilled. And just so you know, after I wrote this up yesterday I went down and sung to my Mutti, a song I made up, for half an hour about how much I needed a new laptop; we're still waiting for news.


Sarah said...

Good luck with your laptop. The White Queen is an amazing book - a great read. I'm waiting for The Red Queen to come out here.

Sammi said...

Do you think if you write how much you want a new laptop in your next entry again, you might get one? Have you tried looking online for laptops? I hear once you know what spec you want you can get them lots cheaper?

madsta said...

I think I Might have to sammi! I have so many posts in my head but alas- my machine wont let me put them down!

Tamsin said...

Maybe you could offer to get a tattoo of the type of laptop you'd like to have, just so your parents remember?

I'm sure they would be so thrilled and proud :)

Heather said...

Hey Maddy! it's been forever since we talked!
As you (Probably) know, I had my baby, Brennah.
She looks a lot like Meghan. I posted new pictures, you'll have to look(:

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