Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The countdown begins; prom to do list.

Prom tomorrow;
All you experienced mums will understand my poor Mutti's plight these past days- the make up worry's, the ever elusive backless/strapless bra combo- whoever invented those needs a talking too, they are not awesome.
For those of you who were concerned I purchased (Mutti purchased) seamless knickers and a roll of the rather vulgarly named 'tit tape' to work wonders on my regular bra, because that's the way we roll.
Moreover was the dizzying heights that I reached in my prom heels- and the problems that go with them, 
She has indeed taken a beating, as has the plastic, Proms are expensive!
And alas I fear prom brings more worries than it will joy, but hopefully it will be a fun filled night of memories, here goes the to do list between now and tomorrow evening;
- buy razors and serious straight talking blister plasters by the pound
- purchase ravishing fake eyelashes
- charge camera
- tidy room 
- sew on loose bead on my dress
- wash hair/grooming
- tame eyebrows
- collect money from the gang and sort out the evening's beverages
- pack overnight/after-party bag
- figure a plan of action for my unseasoned yet timely break out
- print out a picture of how I want my hair for my stylist
- shave legs
- paint nails
- buy replacement eyelash curler
- pack alternative shoes to the skyscrapers in case of after-party mishaps.
- arrange cab money
- pack prom clutch
- cleanse/ tone/ moisturise
- paint toenails
- charge phone
And probably so many more!
It was probably irrelevant to most people, but I needed to write it out and I can't read my own writing (neither can ANYONE else) 
And I deleted Microsoft word in order to store more photos, so suck it up,
send me good, thin thoughts.
Anyone have any fun Prom stories to share?
Until next time my sweethearts,


Sammi said...

Don't forget your camera!!!

Tit tape does wonders, despite the horrendous name. Double sided tape does too... but hurts more when it comes off.

Have an awesome time, it will all be worth it!

Tamsin said...

Have a lovely time, and don't forget to take pictures for your nice auntie Tamsin! :)

Amelia said...

I don't have any good prom stories, but I have something close:

Believe me, I don't miss those days. I hope you had a good time!

(I found your blog from Cjane's blog.)

Verity said...

A homeless person came into one of my friends after-prom party, and her wig fell off! Couldn't have been more random!

mini said...

have a great time. don't worry just let yourself go and enjoy yourself

Anonymous said...

Prom story
I had my prom dress made. The fabric was beautiful, the pattern was fabulous, the only problem was the person who made my dress. She made my dress two sizes too big on the top, and a size too big on the bottom. I had no idea she had measured wrong, until prom night. The dress I was trying on happened to be the one she was making for her daughter out of a similar fabric. I dolled myself up, and went to put on the dress. That's when I realized what the lady had done. I wound up pinning my dress to my bra straps and slip so it would not fall off. Prom went well, however after I returned home, and was removing my heels, an unfamiliar breeze hit me in the middle of the back. I hurried to the mirror to discover a huge hole where the zipper had been. After changing into my night's I discovered the zipper was simply tacked into place.
As for the dress, I have it folded and tucked safely away.

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