Sunday, 20 June 2010


My people,
I've been going through the motions as of late,
I'm...fearful, so much more cautious, maybe that's good, everything is hard or scary.
May 7th was just supposed to be an ordinary day; just like today, but that was the day life changed forever for a lot of people, and the world just wont be the same. Sometimes it just gets a bit much, a bit scary, that today could be the day; or tomorrow, it's not in our hands.
The days have quite literally been a blur, and I've been quite content to be in my own cocoon, sleeping, eating...more eating, you know.
I had a horrible thought this morning, that maybe by not blogging any more I would eliminate another element; no more blogging guilt (you know, because I haven't blogged for nine days) and obsessive laptop-ing.
But then it occurred to me just how much I love it; I like knowing that other people like my words (Maybe not today) that maybe; just maybe I cheer someone up occasionally.
But that was just a fleeting thought, brought on partially by stress that my camera cable isn't working, I love words and writing too much, this past week for example I have been trying to figure out whether there will ever be a place for the word usurp in a sentence in my tongue?
any suggestions? I love that word.
If your wondering I just read The lady Elizabeth, by Alison Weir, it was fantastic, I loved the language.
A post more for my own peace of mind, I fear it's running from me;
any suggestions for the use of the word usurp please leave below,
until next time my sweetest of sweethearts,


Amy A. said...

When one of your sisters attempts to 'borrow' clothing without permission, say "You may not usurp the blouse you are wearing". Sort of lame, but it's something!

Emily said...

Don't stop blogging, blog more! I have been lurking but I thought I better beg you to keep at it. So now, I follow you.

Anonymous said...

I think you should continue blogging. I don't know what you want to do when you are older, but if you go into writing for a magazine or a writer for a popular blog, they like to see some consistent writing. Basically that you have the ability to write something once a week that can still be interesting your 50th article as your first were. A personal blog is a good way to show that.

Regardless, I enjoy reading your writing whether it is every day or once a week. Don't worry about not getting a chance all the time. People will still be around when you do get the chance! This is supposed to be fun! Don't let it stress you out. You do owe us anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant you DON'T owe us anything. haha

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