Sunday, 9 May 2010

untitled because a title isn't enough.

not sure what to write, how do you put something like this into words? I will try,
The reason for my absence is not a jovial one, in the first minutes of Saturday morning, the 8th May, we were informed that my dearest sister oli, had been involved in a car accident- her second this year, we were told there were fatalities but not whom, there were three boys, all friends, with her at the time, one of them was driving.
My parents shot out the door and I've yet to see my mum since, dad came home last night, he's out now.
No one really knows what happened, from what is obvious we have gathered that the driver was driving very very fast down a straight residential street, possibly up to 70 miles an hour, lost control of the car and skid onto the pavement and hit a tree. The front passenger, one of Olivia's oldest and fondest friends, who used to live next door, was pronounced dead at the scene, at just 17 years of age, words cannot describe the sadness we feel, for the life lost, and the family he left behind, he was a thoroughly kind and decent boy, and his loss has hit hard for everyone. The driver was airlifted to a london hospital, Olivia who was sat behind the driver, and her back seat companion remain in hospital, she is one of the lucky ones, if that is lucky, the crash took place around 10:30pm on may 7th, we believe they were freed from the wreckage some time after midnight. From what I know of the other boy he remains in a critical but stable condition. Olivia is in surgery as I type, I am longing to see her, and will do so this afternoon. I visited the scene of the crash yesterday to lay flowers, words cannot describe how they must have felt.
I beg you to keep jack and his family in your prayers, ever will they struggle with this monumental loss. taken too young, gone but never forgotten. 
And to pray for everyone else involved
I'm not sure how well written this is, or how appropriate, how raw, but I knew nothing would ever make sense if I didn't write it down.
until next time-not too soon, my sweethearts,

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