Sunday, 23 May 2010

On a long steep road.

Our skies our an alluring powder blue once more, 
The anarchy has been overturned, replaced with the lull after the storm, 
Jack's funeral was, by all accounts, beautiful to behold, his friends and family could not have been more dignified in their celebration of the life he lived -and really lived.
Out came tales of teenage rebellion, which I pretend I didn't know about, Jack, about to take his test, and a natural driver, had been "borrowing" his parents cars and driving Oli around from a very young age, his mum told Oli he was just glad he had lived, and experienced life in his short years.
He will be forever missed,
forever remembered,
forever young.
Olivia dealt with it amazingly, such is the strength she was given, for I believe Jack- unfailing in his zest for life, was watching over her from his spot in heaven, for I know he'll have a good seat. 
It is still surreal to me, as I sit here and type, the humidity weighing heavy on my hands, with Michael Bublé entertaining the background, that such things happen, that life simply continues, that we are in the midst of a heatwave, when so many people are suffering and yearning, yearning for what might have been, what should have been.

Dear sweet, placid Andrew, so lovely, is awaiting an op still, he is patient, but now talk has turned to "trying to save the leg" God's speed in your prayers for this poor boy, who had just come home from university for the weekend to revise. And my lovely Oli, she is continuing to Amaze me in her courage and strength, she revealed after Jack's funeral that they had fought over the front seat that night, for it is always her's, This simply reinforces my belief that she will make her mark on this world, with her domino shaped scar's.

As Jack's sweet, brave mother said to my sweet Oli,  He couldn't have had a better person with him at the end. She's on a long, steep road, she may not be able to run yet, but she's here to try. 


Until next time my sweethearts,



The Girl said...

I expect you'll get a thousand and one comments now that you're famous but I just thought I would let you know how rather fabulous your post on cjane's blog was. It amazes me that a teenager can write as well as you do (ack I've read that a thousand times over and it sounds patronising but it's not meant to be) and I'm trying to curb my jealousy.

No point to this comment other than to say keep up with the beautiful writing and I hope Oli's progress to being well continues apace.

(Who says apace? I don't think I've ever used that word.)

madsta said...

This is so weird, I have just visited your blog! like a half hour ago through some fun blog hopping! weird. thank you! I was so excited to be involved! I have a passion for words- apace is one I'm stealing! I loooooveee comments!

Carmen said...

I loved your post on cjane. I hope your sister has a speedy recovery and your friend Andrew too.

molly said...

Your post on cjane was charming. My prayers go out to all of the families touched by the crash. I hope your sister is feeling like herself again very soon. I think your blog is lovely.

EmileeHope said...

I read your post on cjane and decided to check out your blog. I hope your sister makes a quick and full recovery, both physically and emotionally, from the car crash. I am praying for her, and all involved in the accident as I type this!

Lynne said...

What a great writer you are; I've found your blog through Courtney's (CJane). Take care and hope that your family/friends are able to heal quickly. (my husband just returned from a teaching exchange for a month at Winchester College...somewhere over there by you - your area is lovely looking in the pictures he's shown me!

Lynne (Illinois, USA)

Celisa said...

I too read your post on Cjane and thought that it was really wonderful. You write beautifully! I hope that your sister and friends recover quickly. I am keeping all of you in my prayers.


madsta said...

I like to reply to comments, but fear it will take me until next year to do so now, so I'll do it as a group,
Thank you- from the depths of my heart for your kind words, she amazes me every day on how well her recovery is continuing, both mentally and physically.
And for your kind words about my writing, it is something I hold dear to me as a passion,
come again soon! we should talk more!

Jo said...

Dear Maddy
I too found your blog through CJane's, and had to visit and read more. You seem to be a lot like many of the teenagers I know, living in a Surrey suburb, and I have to say most of you are really lovely young people. I have every intention of raising my kids to be nice not-ordinary teenagers too.
My heart goes out to your family and the families of all involved in the crash. I cannot begin to imagine how awful it must have been.
Hugs, Jo

Leah said...

I'm here from cjane too :) You write beautifully and look forward to reading more.

I wish your sister a smooth recovery and lots of love to all those with broken hearts xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the way you write!
Do you have German roots, because you call your mom 'Mutti'?
Sending get-well wishes to your sister and many greetings from Austria to you and yours!

madsta said...

Thank you anonymous! I don't have german roots, I just heard that's what mum was in german- called my own it and it stuck!

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