Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy Mayday!

My lovlies! 
how are you enjoying the Mayday celebrations?
I've yet to jump off the historic Magdalen Bridge, and the beautiful weather that London town had been experiencing of late has run away with my elusive leggings, 
but non the less, May brings a whole load of birthdays, *ahem* sunshine, exams, and leavers mass'
needless to say I've great plans for the historic day, an Indian/or Chinese with the girls (although that may take place tomorrow, I'm playing is fast and loose with the dates)
If my hair continues to bug me as it is doing, then a quick trip to the barbers and a no.1 will soon sort that out, 
altogether a whole load of nothing!
Auntie nonie turns an undisclosed number on the 8th
Olivia turns the historic 18 on the 12th
And my luver Kt darling the elusive 16 years young on the 21st, sheesh she's in all my posts, get your own blog.
If I missed you out I'm most sorry, I'm off to shave my head, 
am I joking?
you'll never know.
tehee. *cheeky wink*
until next time my sweethearts, I'm off to dance round the Maypole!

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