Monday, 31 May 2010

Goodbye May.

I cannot say I am sad to wave goodbye to May,
It has been a historic and monumental month for us, and many more families, and one that, frankly, I cant wait to see the back of.
We said goodbye to May with a Bank holiday weekend barbecue, after one of the crappiest weekends for a while, it would have been a nice way to end an awful month, if everyone had behaved themselves.
The weather was typical of that of a bank holiday, it was deceivingly sunny in the morning, but as soon as every house within a mile's radius had got the barbie's out the sun was nowhere to be seen, we were barbecuing in hoodie's, and if your Alex, dressing gowns.

My sweet Oli spent last night staying with Jack's family, she wasn't feeling good when we picked her up this afternoon, and so has slept all day; she is improving daily, and the improvement in her mobility in the short time she has been home is amazing, she can get around so much better.
And Andrew?
The operation on his leg lasted 9 hours, and went well, it looks like he is keeping it, of course he is very uncomfortable, as Oli was, but in a few weeks he will be firmly on the mend, the latest in a trail of improvements, I know there are so many kind souls praying for them all, You know what?
I think they're working just beautifully.
Not much to say; Just amazed at how well and badly things can go at the same time; and so glad to welcome June; I have such hopes for this month; Olivia's continued improvements and life returning as near as it can ever now be to normal, The round up of my exams and some carefree fun;
we shall see,
Until next time my sweethearts,


Kendall said...

Beautiful blog, Madsta! Your blog makes me nostalgic as I spent some time in England a few years ago. I miss it dearly and cherish the times I spent across the pond. I'm wishing your sister a speedy recovery. Take care.

Tamsin said...

It's a holiday here today too, and it looks like we have the same weather. I was tempted to pull out the grill earlier today, but now I'm thinking lasagna instead. Utah just has the weirdest weather.

Also: can I borrow your brother? He's so cute!

I am Julie said...

Very nice blog. I am glad your sister is on the mend, but I am so sorry about Jack. Congrats on the end of school. We are almost finished here-13 days (and I'm the teacher! LOL).

madsta said...

Thank you Kendall!

Tamsin- mmmmm, Lasagne! (or vegetarian in my case) you can definitely borrow Alex, He's so annoying!
WARNING! 9 is an annoying age!

Good luck Julie, we were always really bad on the last day's of school!

melissa marie said...

here's to june! june makes for a lovely recovery month.

Jamie said...

New follower...found you through C jane.
My heartfelt prayers go out to Oli and Andrew as they heal; of course, to jack's family...

Here's to June...

Izzy said...

Another new follower here, and like Jamie I found you through C jane's blog. You only live about 10 miles from me - it's a small world!

I'm so sorry to hear about the crash and losing Jack, my thoughts go out to all those involved and wishing Oli and Andrew speedy recoveries.

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