Friday, 9 April 2010

The wanderer returns.

I'm not very good at editing my photo's they all mean something to me, I think they're shiny.
This is a rare opportunity, we have caught a picture of Olivia! she has been featured a mere handful of times on this here blog, we rarely see her in the wild, let alone with other family members! we rarely interact, but after almost undisturbed sleep until 3pm (apart from myself screaming swear words loudly when a wasp flew in- what's a girl to do?!) she was feeling refreshed and ready to face the world, now I possibly failed to mention that Alex has been away this past week, he...has? yes, he has been in the heavenly affair that is Bournemouth, I am just thrilled to have him back, in a subdued sort of's just that it was very calm...such peace, but naturally thrilled to have him back alive and kicking.
We took a leisurely stroll out for food supplies and such before meeting in the garden with the wasps, it was baking after a bit of a false start, now for once I need to actually do something with my day, maybe tomorrow has more promise? probably not though.
until next time my sweethearts,

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