Thursday, 8 April 2010

The tale of the bee that lived.

Once upon a time there was a bad bumble bee, a really really bad bumble bee, it was the size of a small humming bird, it flew in through an unmanned window that was inviting in the cool breeze, the girl Maddy and her friend Deeny screamed and manoeuvred the obstacle course that was her decorating in progress bedroom, her mother, annoyed by the noise entered and assured the girls the bee was gone, with some trepidation they entered and soon relaxed, hours later when the girls father was home and her friends too, she discovered the bee had merely been hiding all day long, she screamed for her father, a tall well built bloke whom she assumed would rescue her, he ran faster than she did, once the bee had stuck itself in the radiator it was only the girls suggestion of spraying hairspray down it that coaxed it out, when it flew at them the man ran once more before finally assuring the girl the bee had flown out the window, and peace was restored, although  the girl Maddy knew never to ask for her fathers help with such a thing- unless it was a spider- again. it would be her mother she went to.

footnote- true story, except even more dramatic (I tripped over my television wire on the way and set my TV crashing to the floor) prehaps its the blogger engrained in me but I  got close enough to get a picture of the bee.
until next time my sweethearts,

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