Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Read this.

I took an impromptu hiatus these past 6 days, 
to me a hiatus is where you; loose your camera cable and refuse to blog without pictures, are living in a state of squalor where if you step the wrong way your more likely to fall into a mineshaft of hangers, rubbish and a clothing abyss than soft carpet, such I fear was the reason that my father appears to have stopped painting my room, it is half pale green. buggeration.
The last week of my Easter holidays was something so utterly un-british,  the sun shone, such was the tan lines on my chest slowly appearing, we heaved ourselves out of the shadows of the house, and into the release of the garden where for once all that could be heard was the birds singing, and children playing in the distance of the neighbouring park, it was serenity divine. I painted my toenails in the sun, whilst playing papparazzi to the rascals, and in no way encouraging them to gang up on Evil Eve with water and such the like. not at all.

We perhaps attended a house party, maybe.
before I go any further you need to promise you wont judge me;
dude, I'm a teenager living in london be thankful i'm dont have a record! I can only post the pictures from getting ready, because I think after a certain point in the evening (or early afternoon- say two:thirty pm if your Tara- the ginger) most *ahem* all of us were a little too intoxicated (to say the least) to know what a camera was; I'll just say that spirits were the name of the game and my bruised thigh tells me the stories that were told to me afterwards were perhaps true, I did fall down the stairs more than is advised and have a run in with the climbing frame, and other stuff. lets have no more such talk, I am tainting my blog with tales of such tyranny and filth, shocking Madsta. *cheeky wink*.

Days later we had perceived the idea to see Dear John, and made an evening out of it, wow, Channing Tatum is awesome, and can do the whole jaw clench thing (if your a girl- and I think you probably are- sorry boys, then you know what I mean) to spectacular proportions, and we were all utterly loving the film until the end, when we left the film we were all ready to slit our wrists, whatever happened to happy endings!? I am already in a fragile mental state after watching Remember Me- don't even get me started, and was feeling very vulnerable after the sitting, however the whole night- including the meal, was less than a tenner thanks to the delightful charms of being an orange customer, ta very much.

And this is just because, for a 48 !(she'll kill me)! mother of four, who is to run the marathon in three days time, she is looking HOT!!!
An update on my luvlies, KT Darling's hair was brand- newly orange in this picture, taken a week ago. It's black now, and this is around about her 9th time this year. We are trying to press conditioner to her luscious locks, in fear they will break off. And lil' blondie? she's just the same, a peculiar shade of orange in this picture, I promise you her natural colour is paper white, although she'snow sans glases thanks to the wonder of contacts, I'll say hi for you.

she's painted now, and crying blood, but still just as charming.
And now to my chalice of doom. Art exam.
on Monday, just days away I have my GCSE art exam (the big one) it is 10 hours long and we can listen to ipods, except mine dissapeared somewhere round about November, I always always always, 
leave everything to the last minuet, however this time I have outdone myself, with nothing done these past two days, and other than around 3 sheets of work I am looking pretty *insert swear word here* 
And to be entirely honest, with my weekend booked up with a planned hangover and watching my Mutti in the marathon, It's not looking good, pray for me.
but on the plus side, which artist doesn't love new paints?!
And Alex? he peers in every hour or so whilst I'm working to bug me and request that I take a picture of him, for Alex loves nothing more than pictures being posted on the blog, his legs seem to go on forever,
My favourite all time photo, for like this week,

And me? I am surviving on three or so hours sleep a night. Since coming home from skiing in Austria Eve has apparently taken up snoring, serious snoring, and with our beds currently pushed together in the middle of the room for all the 'decorating' supposedly going on round here, I am wholey and completely getting no more than four hours of shut eye in, on a good night, I have kicked her (in the face- but that's a whole other storey) sat on her, threatened to drag her down the hall by her hair, aka outta my room, but nothing does it, so with that and me coming home, doing art, and not being in bed before midnight once these past weeks and now being back at school- meaning my first alarm call in at 5:15am, which because of said situation I am always already awake to greet, I am living on the sleep I catch in French class, curtosy of the ever occupying Mrs Schraamm, and whoa my skin is suffering. as is my work, my everything, turns out I need more sleep than I thought. and so that is my past week or so. It was wordy, and I suspect that Katie will have just looked at the pictures, but if you made it to the end then pat yourself on the back.
until next time my sweethearts,

oh and p.s, it is a miracle I am here to post this, someone booby trapped our bath a few days back, and so when I was entering the shower, the slippery conditioner strategically placed on the floor sent me flying, really flying, since recovering I have a niggling pain in the lower part of my back, constantly and aching arms. 
And partially shattered knees (this bit is perhaps exaggeration, but I did come crashing down on my knees before bending to bugger my back.)


Tamsin said...

Busy, busy, busy! Sounds like you're still having fun in the middle of all the craziness.

Also: earplugs. I credit almost five years of marriage to their invention.

madsta said...

I always find the time for fun! (in a drunken and responsible way) note taken: I am finding earplugs on google now, you make me laugh :)

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