Thursday, 8 April 2010

On the nature trail.

I know, it was photo overkill, but I simply could not edit such beautiful pictures out, so shoot me.

I was headed back from a rather delightful cinema visit to see clash of the titans (go and see it, it was fascinating and delightful) and as any good blogger should, I had my camera with me, and as I am currently in love with the changing from winter to this delightful spring I used the seven minute walk to capture mother nature at her best for I'm loving her work, tomorrow is due to be the warmest day of the year so far, but today itself was delightful.

 I have always insisted I love winter, I love the darkness, I always feel peaceful in the dark,  I adore waking up in darkness, allowing me to come round without the aggressive sunlight assaulting me, the chill whipping my face, the flurry of rain and snow, the ongoing excitement of advent, The boots, hat's, I adore it and look forward to it with continual excitement each autumn, 

But this spring is different, I wake up each day to find that a different tree that I view from my bedroom has blossomed, making my road an inviting oracle of flowering nature. I am for once enjoying awakening to a clear blue sky and the crisp air, it awakens me from my coma gently and with a welcoming smile, mother nature has been busy, I solute her, for once I am inviting the heat, perhaps this is just because I am feeling pasty sans my summer tan but this year I really feel the need to appreciate everything more, starting with the flowering gardens, maybe its a far off feeling of impending doom or maybe its the wisdom that ought to accompany my 16th year, who knows?

footnote - I haven't been sniffing glue I'm just appreciating the seasons like never before, if you can wait an hour I will update you on the silly things I've been doing, I'm still me!
until next time my sweethearts,

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