Friday, 9 April 2010

On delighting in the forbidden.

Have you ever wondered just why whenever someone says
"dont touch that"  - you have an overriding need to do so, I do, always.
 Earlier on this very morning in fact, before the rest of the household had awoken and peace befell my quiet road, my Mutti gave me spesific instructions to stay away from the pallette of giant strawberries, strawberries so large I feel cofidant in the knowlege that if needs be I could charm them to carry my bags for me, such was their size and enchantments.

Our teacher's told us- rather miserably, that we weren't to enjoy our Easter holidays but must work and revise continually, these past two days I have spent so bored and filthy I have simply surfed the net, not for anything worthy but in a fickle attempt to stop my brain cell's upping and running away, when I've a pile of work larger than alex himself indebted to me, how can it be?

Perhaps these late night ramblings of mine, whilst partly enthralled in harry potter make utterly no sense, but how can it be that our minds are so mischievous, even without training to do such, that they know that what we cant have we need too, even if we have no need for such a thing, perhaps it is my fickle teenage ignorance, but to whomever has studied the mind,
why is mine so prone to mischievousness?
and is there a prescription? because my Mutti is soon to discover the palette, and I've nowhere to run, and no legitimate excuse.
I didn't even want a strawberry.
until next time my sweethearts,

footnote- Guess what? little ol' me has been noticed, by none other than the delightful Tamsin, we're virtual friends, and she has picked me to be her featured blog, apparently my blog is an 'absolutism delight and breath of fresh air in the world of blogging.' oh yeah, I'm an adoring audience, merci!

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