Monday, 12 April 2010

Happy Anniversary- part 2, the blog is 1!

One year ago today, I became mother to this here blog,
The Madsta Journals came about a year ago today, on a lowly Easter Sunday,
I was inspired by others to document the day to day, and its made me take a whole lot more pictures, become an internet addict, and have my camera glued to me at all times,
I had to post a picture with pretty much every post, to me they feel empty sans picture, so up until christmas I was working on a camera phone ( which I had to replace twice, technology runs from me) and each picture was painstakingly emailled, downloaded and uploaded, that was my blogging devotion, 
I'm rubbish at editing out pictures no one needs to see, to me, every picture is a memory, 
I'll leave you to sing the blog happy birthday, admire the banner (i'm going to link to the tutorial soon)
and with a few choice posts from the archives,

A promising start??
Who says girls cant sleep in the wild??
Bournemouth with my girlies july/august 2009
How embarrasing for all involved
Wild night on the town (okay I lie)
101 things
pumpkin carving with the monsters
 and you can just delve after that, because I cannot be arsed (!!!)
If your a lurker out there (we all do it) then say hi, this has been a big year, and I can look  up what my few brain cells have forgotten, that is why I love it,
until next time my sweethearts,


k a t y said...

Congrats! That is a great milestone!

Just a couple of things: grits are like the oatmeal of corn, similar to polenta. You'll simply have to visit us if you don't have them over there! Also, do you do Prom there? I would like to do you a free custom neck adornment, your choice of colors if you have prom or something similar when the time comes, so stay in touch, eh?

madsta said...

ooh I see!
visiting America (and road tripping through it) is a long time dream, I cannot wait! that is the nicest thing, we do have prom, and a kind of pre prom mass, may 28th and july 1st! thankyou! such a lovely offer!

madsta said...

p.s I will be keeping in touch, I LOVE your blog, a lot, its how i want my life, beachy, sunny, creative and full of daughters! )

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