Sunday, 4 April 2010

A birthday and a resurrection.

Easter Sunday coincided with Alex's 9th birthday, 
He was, naturally up until the wee' hours looking out for the Easter bunny to arrive, I had to remind him several times that the Easter bunny only comes when you are sleeping, Alex compromised by pretending to be asleep and creeping down to open birthday cards as soon as the clock had struck 12,
My Lenten promises had served me well and after a sizeable amount of Easter egg I decided I didnt really want any. 

My Mutti is currently slaving away downstairs with the infamous cupcake mould, For Alex's birthday occurred just a week after mine,  He's really a peculiar little thing, with eye's like giant chocolate buttons, an endless smile and an aptitude for naughtiness and fun, he finds happiness in the most mundane of things, and always has a compliment or two up his sleeve for emergencies.

He was up at an evil hour, just like every other morning, before dragging myself, and my parents, for Olivia was asleep, and Evil Eve is in Austria, (later guys, later) downstairs with our respective gifts from the Easter bunny and into a wrapping paper abyss.

It was Easter Sunday this time last year that I began my blog, so with the exception that Easter has moved this blog is today 358 days old! 
On a serious note though, I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and took some time to think about what it is really about!
until next time my sweethearts,

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