Friday, 30 April 2010

200 posts down, thousands more to go, (and what winning feels like!)

If you read often, you'll know I have a picture of a cake stashed away for each such occasion,
This post marks 200 posts down, I'm very proud of myself, I've only the 7 followers, but I love them all, blog hoppers intrigue me, because I am one obsessively, although I do have blog's I follow to the death, cus I'm kinky like that.
I don't really know weather my 200th post should be dedicated to my 200th post, or if it should be a post of its own, I guess I'll discover that with the postings, 
do I actually have anything to blog about....?
ooooh! tremendously exciting news! I won something! this is news indeed, I never win, ever, 
this delightful lady, Katy, of no big dill, slaved for hours over the most delightful bracelet, and gave it away, to me no less! needless to say I'm thrilled, it really brightened my day,
thats it really, a Pathetic 200th post, so shoot me.
until next time my sweethearts,

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