Monday, 15 March 2010

on where i've been and what i'm up to.

I'm Ill,
I'm fading fast, I was home today as everyone ventured out to school, work and the gym, with only Olivia, skiving and asleep but otherwise utterly alone, ill, feeling frightfully dreadful, and living in squalor, for my room has reached the point of condemnation. I was bored as I lay around the house.
I occupied myself by looking for my birthday presents, my parents are notoriously bad at hiding them, for example just two days ago I asked my Mutti to hide an Easter egg I had been gifted so as I didn't eat it until the big day, I opened the wardrobe to find it staring back at me. 
Most years they are fairly predictable, I find them strewn in my Mutti's shower, (she doesn't use it-she does wash though) in my dad's office and on top of wardrobes, I couldn't however be bothered to hoist myself up so the mystery as to if they are up there remains.
Alas they must have got wise to my mischievous ways, for there were no presents to be found, unless I am getting none of course, which I doubt.
after that expedition I busied myself with lying around and rereading Harry Potter and the deathly hallows for at least the 15th time, I can echo the words chapter for chapter.
did you know that James Potter, Harry's father shares a birthday with me?
Or rather I with him, we both frequent march 27th, though I from this world and he from beyond the grave. fantastical.
I'm still feeling abominably ill, my hair resembles a poodle that has been spat out by a tornado. and I need a shower.
I shall busy myself with chewing down my drug's like there's no tomorrow and balancing the occasional grape on my nose.
until next time my sweethearts,

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