Tuesday, 30 March 2010

On The Eve Of My 16th Year...


...The Old girls took me out to Shiggi's Chinese via Ruislip Manor, The delightful owners had decorated our table in readiness of my arrival, And what with it being a buffet I feel we all ate way too much, the meal's highlight was when the delightful Chinese man brought over a bowl of Ice cream with a candle in it, the whole restaurant then proceeded in singing happy birthday too me, and it was really rather fun.
 When we stood up to vacate the restaurant we were all so heavy with the delights of the Chinese food that i am really surprised we didn't just drop through the floor through to the earth's equator.
It was a most perturbing moment. We headed to the station and did what any self respecting teenagers would and ran through the barriers screaming and onto a waiting train. Where naturally we hung upside down from the railings. We saw Kick-Ass (excuse my French) which was really rather hysterical, now its around a 7 minuet walk to my home from the station, and so, upon noticing it was a full moon and with the roads dark and deserted we chose to do the only thing we could. KT darling and I pretended to transform into werewolves and chased the girls down the road screaming like banshees, Hannah got the brunt of my wrath.
And so not 10 moments before i turned 16 i was alone in my room, putting away Eve's shoes.
until next time my sweethearts,

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