Saturday, 6 March 2010

I'm secretly rather nice, but ssh, it is a deep dark secret.-post edit

I'm really tremendously busy nowerdays, 
I've been home from my luver, kt darling's house for less than an hour, but I've truly managed to accomplish a lot in that time, I have;
managed to have my birthday (23 days away) cancelled! thank goodness I wont have to deal with that tremendous burden and ordeal that often accompany's a birthday, the presents, the food the fun! who wants it!? not me that's for sure, which is handy as according to the house's matriarch its off.
lost my allowance for eternity, but I've received it so few times this year it is beginning to fade into the shadow of my former life, when I had money.
I am receiving no lifts for the rest of my time here on this earth, so I will only be visiting people who live within a 30 meter radius, the cat across the road will receive much more time with me now.
and whilst I don't like to tempt fate, I have a distinct feeling that that £185 reading festival ticket I was so hoping said matriarch would kindly buy me is more likely than not off the "to buy for your lovely daughter" list, bugger that. and its not like I can buy my own, (see above) I am well and truly stuffed.
but i must look on the bright side, glass half full and all its truly fantastic news I'm still in this week, which is brilliant, i was much to close to being catapulted into next, and i still have plans to lie around.
until next time my sweethearts,
post edit- I can hear said person talking downstairs, he would like to give me a "long talking too for her aggressive behaviour" my aggressive behaviour? oh-Kay then. don't worry, I'll keep you updated as the the situation, more than likely it will simmer down and we'll all be happy and shiny in just a few short years of grudge holding.

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