Wednesday, 3 March 2010

dinner with alex

Mutti: Alex....can you tell me all the days of the week?
Alex: "Monday...Thursday....Tuesday... Wednesday....Friday, Saturday, Sunday!"
Me:"...(whispering...) Alex, that's not quite right...the second day is a different T..."
Mutti: "try again Alex,"
Alex: "nooooo...."
Me: "if you don't I'll make you go through ALL the French I've tought you!"
Alex: "Monday... Wednesday...."
it was a long dinner, after the 'days of the week fiasco' we moved on to the telling the time.
then i made him speak to me in French, he understood all my questions and replied perfectly, before ordering me about in this alien language!
Alex = weird ingenious child
Madsta = adoring of her evil sidekick
Mutti = seeking help for her children.
all in all a yummy combo
until next time my sweethearts,

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