Thursday, 11 February 2010

a week of love letters; to my genepool

To my gentle, genial, and often infuriating genes,
I would be a mere wonderement of the god's if it werent for you, and for that i offer you a smile,
I often wonder what you would get if we were all stirred up in a mixing bowl and given each others gifts.

 my father for example is annoyingly clever, man clever, in that he knows an extortionate amount of things- little facts and know how's from era's before he was even born, most of which i think of as irrelivant knowledge,
for example a babycham did you know, was the most popular ladies drink in the 50's and was considered very sophisticated at the time, my father was born in the 60's. go figure.
however he also knows a lot of important things, things that would help me pass history,
Would i get Oli's calm and nocholance?
My Mothers charm and thirst for knowledge?
Alex's cheeky smile and the the realisation that flattery will indeed get you everywhere?
Eve's interest in the unknown and old school irish beauty?
My irish grandma's zest for fun?
My dear auntie rita's grace and poise at all times? (R.I.P)
Or my Grandparents good sense and generocity?

In retrospect I think I have inherited tiny fragments of all of my genepool, addmitedly some less than others, for where did i get my hot hedded temper?
My need for quiet and love of darkness?
these are questions that stand at the root of my very being, my genes whirl about creating, making, fixing, so this is my love, being expressed purely for my genes and those i love.
until next time my sweethearts,

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