Monday, 8 February 2010

a week of love letters; to my darling friends

my dearest darlings, you know who you are (because my favourite ones are pictured above!)
never could i have emagined friends such as you existed, i couldnt imagine a more caring, hilarius, beautiful group of people to spend my days with,

hannah; my oldest friend, the memories we share go way back, even before we were united as one, i couldnt emagine a more thoughtful person,

kt darling, the laughs we have shared are too hilarious for me to even write about, no one gets me, or my humor like you, you'll always hold the key to my heart; and my stomach- we have good taste

blondie; a true genious, a wild child, more intruiging than others would guess, a blondie with a difference,

deeny; you will be off to oxford in a couple of years, a brain like einsteins, and a face like heaven, your entirely awesome,

this week all the way until sunday, valentines day itself i will be posting love letters to the people or things i love, my friends deserve a sizeable mention, because they are truly one of a kind and i honestly couldnt imagine a more fitting group, we are like a jigsaw and the pieces just fit.
until next time my sweethearts,

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