Sunday, 14 February 2010

a week of love letters; to the day itself

my mothers valentine from moi!

my darings!
did your gentlemen friends give you a valentine?
did your friends/family/sisters?
me neither, i have yet to recieve a card or tribute or even a sombre text to the day itself, i am truly a forlorn valentine.
not to worry, i am fully expecting a flood of roses any minuet, myself and my darling kt, spent the night at blondie's birthday gathering, she's bugging me now, she doesnt understand why i wont let her watch, i cant work under this pressure!
we are gathering with our girlies this very evening for merriment and food, to celebrate the day, i sent each of my darlings personal valentines, i love the preperation for the day but in my opinion valentienes day is a day for lovers, i am alone.

this is a lie, kt wont let me be, she's invading my mind "up your viva, innit!"- a kt quote
whilst you have cought a tired and grouchy madsta, who slept not a wink, i still wish to spread the love and joy on this day, its a day for love and laughter and fun,
one year ago today exactly we were celebrating blondie's birthday, its a tradition i beg will invade our love days for many years to come,
i hope all of you get bundles of love on this day,
until next time my sweethearts,

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