Tuesday, 9 February 2010

project 365 has me got.

so i began this year filled with glee for my blogs first new year, little did i know that bloggers everywhere were gearing up for project 365,
a project where you create a blog, seperate from your main blog and each day just post a picture and a few simple words, we all know what a fan i am of pictures, so i am so completely consumed with upset that i didnt start this year with a project 365, there is still so long to go in this lowly year, so much to see, i was wondering about maybe just starting on my birthday, march 27th, as that is a metephorical year, but i really wanted to start such a thing on january 1st, if any sneaky people are reading, i would appreciate your thoughts, i dont know if i can cope with starting a 365 project over a month into the year!
until next time my sweethearts,


Tamsin said...

I think 365 days are 365 days, regardless of if you start them on January first or not. So there.

Katie said...

Starting on your b-day seems like a great idea. However, be warned, it's a tough task to stick with.

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