Friday, 19 February 2010

lentern promises.

so lent began yesterday,
i ignored its beguinning, i did not give anything up and i didnt intend to,
today i had an epiphany, i am looking forward to the summer, i crave heat, warmth, freedom, and so i decided to kick start the way to better skin, better legs (and by assosiation, waistline, and arms) and more energy, i am a junk food addict although i crave the healthy lifestyle others seem to find so joyus, and so for the first time ever as a lifelong catholic i am trying to actually committ to giving up the things i love for lent, and see how well i do,
i am taking a journey as a food addict and feel that this is the first step to my recovery,
for around 38odd days i will be giving up,
all forms of chocolate, (all forms is included so i cannot cheat)
all crisps (though this does not include the humble potatoe)
sweets of any kind.
cheese and onion rolls
there you have it, until april 4th rolls around (and i am sure it will go at a snails pace just for me) i will do my damndest to not eat those listed above, unfortunatly for me these are a few of my favourite things,
Last year i attempted to give up swearing for lent, for madsta has a potty mouth, needless to say i was unsuccesful, i considered giving it up this year but feel i have already bitten off more than i can chew with my food demons,
it is going to be a loooong 38 days but being able to showcase my legs to the world once more come this summer is my inspiration,
and er suffereing as jesus did it the desert,
that too,
wish me luck!
until next time my sweethearts,

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