Monday, 1 February 2010

the lay of the land round here

post shower upside down blow drying
emagine the scene if you will, i am in the shower (dont emagine that much) when there is a knock
eve- "can i come in?"
me- "no i'm in the shower!"
eve- "okay i'll just be a second"
eve on the toilet when there is a second knock
alex- "um can i come in please?"
eve- "no! maddys in the shower!"
eve fushes the loo
alex- "well i need a wee!"
alex enters
me- "is there anyone else in the house who would like to exhibit their bodily functions, gawp or have a chat becase MADDY'S IN THE SHOWER!"
everyone leaves.


Tamsin said...

Oh, that reminds me of the college years: one house, six girls, one bathroom = an abundance of over-sharing. :)

madsta said...

but you see that sounds like a laugh, this sounds like an invasion! :)

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