Sunday, 21 February 2010

big ideas in my own little pit.

This past week has been half term week, i have 13 huge art sheets to finish and now 15 to start, that is what happens when you neglect to work through your two year art studies, i went back through everything and counted up what i had to do.
i had, prehaps naively planned to finish them all on the monday and tuesday of half term week, i didnt even look at my work until thursday,
i was going to do them this weekend, however i spent saturday mourning the loss of all things yummy until April 4th, but there was still sunday? right?
wrong, i have spent the last day of my half term indulging in my favourite online hobby, i delved into the depths of my favourite blogger's archieves, now it is late, i have a spot the size of the grand canyon invading my top lip and i have forced in my retainer after two weeks of sombre sobriety, i last washed it some time around new years, becasue i'm that gross.
I truly cannot see myself finishing my art, not to mention missing coursework in every single subject,
i am utterly lazy, and have spent the last three days dreaming of an arizonian summer, i crave heat, sun, freedom,
i am wishing i was back here with my lovelies,
any inspiration of how to lift myself from my dwindiling SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which i dont even have- only in late febuary,
other than numerous energy drinks and the consideration of vitamin c sachets to fill me with energy and ideas.
i had better leave you now, i have to not do my art,
if you want to cheer me up email me fun things,
until next time my sweethearts,


Jordan said...


You sound so busy! I am also hoping for a quick end to February.

(I use blogger's Minima Stretch template, by the way (:)

madsta said...

jordan, thankyou! i am busy but it is my own fault- for i always put work off, and now it has cought up with me! thankyou by the way! x

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