Wednesday, 20 January 2010

new years eve trouble

this picture was taken moments after midnight, the black expance behind us right up to the lights is the river thames, culture and fireworks!
wowzers it was a long time ago!
we took a trip to our favourite local haunt and ate the place out, it was our last meal of 2009 and as the health kick started at midnight we werent leaving unil we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves with calories,
(note- im eating skittles at the moment, i'll leave you to assume how the diets going)
so we were done around half nine, we strolled up to the station, mineself, kt darling (who i have given a new name for the new year, shes sweetie plum now) blondie and hannah, made our way to london via train, wow london is a scary place near midnight on new years eve, you could not emagine the thoasands upon thoasands of people lining the streats, it was chaos, we walked through the crowds, linking at all times to avoid the smells, people and hoarses roaming in front and around, we pushed our way the the very edge of the embankments lining the river thames, an icy air whipped our faces.

the new year brought with it champagne corks lining the streets, cheers and kisses all around, and most annoyingly lovely (not!!!!!!) men, drunk, delerious and thinking that it is appropriate to, 
a, jump on,
b, "accidentally wack round the face"
c, kiss on the face when asked not to
d, chase, swear, ect...
young girls! i ask you! but despite the questionable choice of male company it was a fantastic new years with my darling girls, we rolled in around 3:30am,
 this new years was my best, a new year, a new decade, a new madsta,
until next time my sweethearts, when we will be talking resolutions,

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