Friday, 22 January 2010


you know sometimes, when your just feeling iffy?
me too, this afternoon as me and evil eve sat on our doorstep, in the rain, having exhausted all possible routes into the house, we admitted defeat and spent the next hour and a half until our rescue arrived huddled under my blazer, timing my mutti's return on a stopwatch so we could quiz her about our ordeal, i wondered what more to life there could be, surely there is something bigger than the daily grind of our lives.

when i arrived in my room, having escaped the wrath of my mutti after breaking the doors barrel, (comprende? non, meh.)
inspecting that someone had been sitting on my bed whilst i was out i found my answer.
let me explain, four days ago i discovered my mayan jungle in a pot i had failed to grow after my trip to yorkshire this past summer, this consists of a teeny teeny tiny little pot with seeds, i planted them four days ago and i water them twice daily.

maybe life is like planting seeds, for things to happen and change you need to plant the seeds of growth.
i've planted my seeds, i've made my blog, i've decided on something.
my seeds are planted and they're growing.
until next time my sweethearts,

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