Monday, 21 December 2009

A letter to mother nature.

dearest mother nature,
firstly thankyou most sincerely for the fabulous snow we have been having, whilst i am truly sorry for those who were stuck for 10 hours in the channel tunnel, on the motorway ect.. i could not be more thrilled with your choice of weather you have gifted us!

Never do we recieve snow like this is december, and i am just thrilled with it, the bulk came thursday night (but i suppose you know that) and has continued! at the moment i am thoroughly loving the dark moody sky, and pitter patter of snow, now whilst i am truly thrilled with the freak snowstorms we have (ooh- and apparently are) having, i am somewhat bemused with the snow/heavy rain/sleet combo and i hate to critise, but to be quite frank mother nature, i am utterly dismayed about the combination, for you see, the rain sits on the melted snow, mainly on the roads and high street of my lovely town, and then once the rain stops the freezing tempratures freeze it to ice, and kt darling informed me that she slipped and fell twice on the way home, and was left bleeding.

this greatly troubles me and then once the snow starts up it only settles on the old snow, but melts into the slippery wet ice.
to be frank mother nature, i am asking you to stick to just the one weather disposition, snow. and let us have the first white christmas that i have been told we will be seeing since 1974 in london, i have certainly never seen one in my lifetime.

thankyou mother nature,

ps. can we have really hot weather in august and july when we arent at school, but could it just be a little milder whilst we are still trussed up in our uniforms?

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