Saturday, 26 December 2009

the christmas spirit, evident in our home!

the day began, like this,

jealous much? you better believe this baby's mine!

my grandparents, can you see where i get my good looks from now?

day end.
i, like every other year, slept not a wink, i could document the nights events like a film, about 4am, other people started moving, namely alex, he put on his secret seven tape so loudly that i am sure it could be heard for miles, i got nto the story and was listning from my room down the hall when my mutti told him to turn it down or off, there goes my story, he ran into my room about half an hour later, saying he had heard father christmas and he was scared, yeah right. he got into my bed and continued being annoying until we were allowed downstairs at around 9am, we went to wake oli up, she was unamused, she shouted and punched eve, we ran away, no one likes to wake oli up, ever.

the tre was decked with enough presents for several small countrys, do you want to know what i got? okay fine.
a luella clutch bag no less, a digital camea (did you notice my new toy? pictures are going to get a lot more fun around here) and enough bits and pieces to open my own shop, i shall call it Madsta's emporium. so there we are, playing with our various presents, when my father suggests nochalantly that there might be some more presents on the tree, myself, my sisters, and my mutti, each found a small wrapped flat parcel, inside was each a different clue, my father isnt your typical treasure hunter, the clues were authers, new york buildings, quotes, the most mysterious of clues, each girl eventually found their own envolope containing £100 on top of their presents, we're all going shopping today. thanks dad.

dinner was divine, grandma was hilarious, and the day really was fabulous,
until next time my sweethearts,

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