Friday, 18 December 2009

by golly...

it only went and snowed! in december! i ask you!?

isnt it divine?! to all you gifted minions, to whom snow is merely a november-march neucance, it couldnt be much more different, in England we very occasionly get snow, once a year- normally in february for a few days, the schools close and the streets fill with the sounds of children playing-delightedly in the snow. We do not get snow in december, we certainly do not get it a mere week away from christmas. As i drove home in the 'wee hours of this morning from my babysitting stint the snow fell heavily against the car, i had spent the evening watching it with the oppupants new puppy wrapped in my arms, trying to wake up the sleeping children to have someone to share my excitement. today had been due to be our last day of school before christmas, luckily for us, rickmansworth, where my school is situated, is located in one of two frost hollow's in the country, meaning it would be a million times colder, snowier, icyer and frostier,

this is how madsta dearest dresses for snow!
online shopping+snow+food+a show tonight = very happy madsta!
until next time my sweethearts, where i hope i can greet you with more snowy tales,

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