Saturday, 5 December 2009

bugger that.

its beguinning to be a tad rainy round here.
this is made even more brilliant when me and eve forget our house key's and so get to sit outside in it for an hour and a half.
whats have i been up to? i hear you murmer,
well, i have stupidly found that my exams, which begin on monday, are entirely unprepared for, i am having to make a decision on what to pass, i am choosing art, goodbye french.
as i type this, (why? when i have limited time?!) i am simultaniously watching the x-factor semi finals, making a collage, painting a loose sketch sheet, and drinking my latest obsession. just juice.
hopefully whilst trying to pass i might see you again soon, but alas i am still duelling with my inbox which has, now gone down to a mere 281 unread. the delights of the tech world.
until next time my sweethearts, pray for my pass' wont you? especially for french.

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