Sunday, 22 November 2009

A gathering of kindred spirits

wow, did you enjoy that matriage of pictures? i really did,
do they confuse you?
my plan has worked.
so last night, NEW MOON!!!!!!!!! it was long awaited, 11 months and a day since twillight was released! not that i counted or anything, we made our plans and set about creating our evening, heated rollers were secured, i looked awesome, and make up was most definetly applied (KT darling) and laughs were shared, we waited our turn (whilst kind of edging up illigally) and laughed some more, its often hard to believe the adventures we have stone cold sober, laughter is our drug of choice.

we had looked forward to this night for months, it was amazing we met our girlie nadine and headed in, bursting with excitement, the film was everything i had hoped for, it was utterly amazing, truly a masterpiece. and that was just the men!

it was incredible, we parted ways with nadine and blondie at harrow and headed home on the train to base camp, aka my house, after behaving in the ways of juvenile delinquants on the way home and attracting a couple of funny looks, we were in my town! (i get overexcited sometimes) on the way we found a partly flooded road, we are good girls so it was around about 11 pm, we had the utterly genius and sober idea of taking off our shoes and dancing in it, so being in leggings i ventured in barefoot, it was utterly freezing, up to our ankles, kt darling ventured in minus her boots but plus her strip socks, and hannah bared it with tights, we danced and laughed and screamed before walking home barefoot (me) and in our holey tights and socks.

upon reaching our road kt darling proceeded to hang her most favouritest stripey socks from a tree, we just about wet ourselves, captured the moment and hobbled home, sans socks.
i drove past them just a few hours ago, and just about died. my mutti thinks we are very strange.
i agree.
until next time my sweethearts,


Tamsin said...

Oh girl's night! :)

madsta said...

i know! i was desperate to stay in and study but what can you do?!

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