Wednesday, 11 November 2009

and a bad blogger i have been

never, in my days of blogging have i left my blog unattended and unloved for 11 days, i am ashamed, i have had a rough 11 days i feel, for i have had to put up with a malfunctioning laptop, the british weather,
and my dearest great aunt rita passed away just two days ago, so whilst i am to inundate you with as many posts as is possible this next few weeks to make up for being bad please understand that i am to be away at a funeral and so forth and so posting may be slightly eratic,
until next time my darling sweethearts,


Belinda from Australia said...

Hey great blog. Wish blogs were around when i was 15 that would have been fun!

madsta said...

thankyou! its my baby! be sure to come back and check in!

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