Sunday, 4 October 2009

my poor dear one,

this angel you see before you, is my dearest little brother alex, who at 8 years old is the first of this house's residents to contract the dreaded swine flu, he is alas, unlikely to be the last, my poor alex, my favourite (and only) brother began the day with a mammoth puking session and then kindly (or unkindly) returned back to normal for a little while in order to beat me, however after myself and my mother got back from seeing a considerably brighter auntie rita we were met with my brother in bed, sleepy, hot and running a temperature, a quick call to the NHS direct and my dad has just returned home with the gift of tamiflu, i too am feeling most ill, though i am currently clear of swine flu, i am just settling down for the night, i am to wow with a double wammie, i shall be watching the x factor after monsters inc has finished! not much to report i'm afraid, until next time my sweethearts,

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